Codeta Casino: NEW 10% win bonus or 10% losses cash back

New Casino, Codeta, are easily one of the best online casinos for live dealer entertainment and they’re greeting all new players with a weeks worth of cash back.

Codeta, the online kings of the live table, are offering all new players a tempting offer. Try your skills in their exciting Live Casino and get 10% extra on your winnings or 10% back on your losses after your first week. So a win/win from Codeta!

I’m going to let Codeta introduce themselves –

“Welcome to a casino that offers every intricacy of the game, played to its fullest capacity. Welcome to Codeta – We know table games.”

Codeta Casino Bonus

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Codeta Casino

Codeta (pronounced coo-dee-tar) is a new word created from the french “Coup d’État” which literally means “blow of state” or more commonly, to overthrow the existing state. With this name Codeta has firmly expressed their intentions to create a revolution within the online casino world. And with a great name comes a slick casino! They definitely win the Best New Casino name category.

Codeta is the ultimate online casino experience for players who love the trill of live table games. Described as the “next step in casino experience” you will join other lovers of the casino for the true adventure.  It’s a place to learn how to become a real connoisseur of the tables, and if you are good all ready, a place to really show off to your peers.

“We are Codeta – We know table games”

The revolution begins with their statement on transparency of play so expect no hidden fees, no unpleasant small print, and no exploitative Terms & Conditions on this site. The site does offer a range of other games to play including your favourite slots but why go to a curry house and order steak!

best new casino

Casino Games at Codeta

best new casinoCodeta is a live table based site but does offer all types of slots and video table games. Choose from the best Play’n’Go and Netent have to offer, presented in a very pleasing simple screen design. All your favourite dice games, poker, video slots and much more are here.

To put it in simple terms Codeta is the leader for live games. They set themselves a goal of creating a games arena that they themselves would want to play, and we think they have met that goal. We hear on the grape vine that there is still more to come from this revolutionary – and who knows what’s next.

We for one will be keeping a reviewers eye on Codeta as they obviously have some great talent behind this brand. To me the little things matter, and if you you spend some time reading some of the literature on their site, you will soon appreciated that even the language they use is precise, well crafted, and grammatically perfect. Well done Codeta, keep up the good work.

New Casino Bonus

Codeta are offering a bonus that again challenges the norm. Make your first deposit today and by the end of your first week, Codeta give you either 10% EXTRA on your winnings, or 10% back on your losses up to £3000. Use the code WELCOME2017

Codeta Casino Bonus

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