How To Win More Often Playing Online Slots!

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It’s pretty well known that slot machines are the most-played casino games online, and let’s be honest there are lots of them out there. With so much choice on offer you probably are asking yourself the big question “How do you win more often at slots?”

Well known for being completely random, online slots need very little skill.  However, you can do some things to improve your winning streak and who knows you may win that massive jackpot. There are so many tips and tricks out there, so we decided to pull together the most practical and straight forward way to help you get the most out of these well-loved online games.

1. Practice the art of No Deposit Bonuses

Your best starting point is mastering the art of a UK No Deposit Bonus. Casinos try so hard every day to get new players into their virtual front door, and they do this by offering No Deposit Bonuses which are effectively free money. Find those deals, and you can play at the casino without making any deposit and without the risk of losing your own cash. Spending time looking out for free spins no deposit UK , no wagering casino or a new casino site is a great investment as you will find lots of free games with the chance of winning real money.  The great news is you don’t have to invest your precious time doing this as we’ve done it for you – register with for our daily new no deposit offers.

2. Understand the odds of winning a prize

A prerequisite for every online casino is that they must display the percentage return to player (%RTP) for every slot game, which really means the odds of winning a prize which is probably of interest to you. Beware though the %RTP is not based on each time the slot game is played it is the average over a substantial number times the game is played. When you are looking at the RTP for each game you will need to know that compensated games are worked out over 10,000 times played in the UK, and random games are worked out 100,000 times played.

Lots of people think the slots are all pretty much the same, and it’s just a matter of choosing the best graphics BUT don’t be mistaken by this. If you want to succeed then you need to understand your game category and choose the games that pay out more than most, and therefore you do need to pay attention to the RTP first before the graphics. So check out the category of the game before you start playing so you understand your odds of winning.

3. Know how the Casino Allocates the Winnings

Every slot game has a particular “chance level “associated with it i.e your chance of winning. The casinos often call this the volatility of the slot game, but they can also refer to it as the variance or dispersion. Pay attention to this as it will help you understand how often the slot game you have chosen to play will payout, and indeed how big that payout will be.

Low volatility slots will increase your chances of a payout albeit with less significant sums but more frequently. If you are looking for bigger wins i.e you are cash-rich and/or time rich, then look for high volatility slots. They do tend to pay out less frequently but when they do they are pretty humongous sums.

To find out how the casino allocates the winnings on each of the slot games then sometimes you will find paytables associated to the game. This is where you will find the volatility of the game. The paytables hold quite a bit of useful info and aren’t just limited volatility.  You will also find a list of symbols it uses, i.e multiplier, wild, scatter and also bonus symbols. If they do have a bonus on offer, it will also tell you if you can claim cash prizes, and indeed if they have free spins on registration no deposit uk.  Paytables aren’t always that easy to find, but if you do a quick search in google for either low or high volatility games, this too is a useful way of finding what you are looking for.

4. Never Overstretch Yourself

As boring as it may sound, any professional gambler will tell you if you a critical part of success is that you really must set your budget before you start playing or alternatively decide on the most you can afford to lose.  The last thing you want to do is get carried away wasting your valuable hard-earned cash and make the wrong decisions on the back of what you think is a winning streak.

There are a couple of ways of doing this. You could set yourself a strict day limit or alternatively an overall weekly limit.  You could set yourself a £10 limit or a £100 limit and agree to walk away when it’s all gone. Either way how you decide to budget is entirely your choice BUT once you have set your limit don’t be tempted to exceed it, just walk away. The time you invest in playing slots will never guarantee you a win, and we all know that every spin has the same odds of winning as the next. The aim of playing slots is to enjoy it and it’s not about feeling down and disheartened because you’ve lost all your weekly rent on it. A good way of doing this is when you win some cash keep it separate, then you can regulate how much you have won vs how much you have a bet.

5. Research is Everything!

Before you start spinning those reels, then you need to have done your research. With so much choice out there it’s all too easy to jump at the first one you find or be so overwhelmed you don’t know where to turn. It’s really worth investing some time to learn about which casinos and/or slot games best meet your needs and your experience.

You’ll find lots of info about UK Casinos by reading some of the player reviews that are out there. Some of the casinos themselves also offer some helpful and useful information too. Use google to have a quick browse online.  Be careful though, don’t naturally click some of the first ones that come up as this is sometimes as a result of the amount of advertising they have done, and not necessarily the quality of the casino itself.

One of the other bits of advice is to never play at an unlicensed online casino. There are regulators out there that supervise the online gambling industry to ensure dangerous companies are eradicated from the industry. The regulator operating on behalf of UK players are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Any casino that has secured a licence from UKGC will give you confidence that it is a lawful site, that they use audited random number generators plus they honour their payouts to players.

Whilst all this research may seem like wasting time as opposed to just getting on and playing the fun slots, trust us you will end up in a better place and ultimately have an awesome time playing all your favourite slots.